What are Dermal Fillers?

The dermal filler treatment is a popular cosmetic solution that provides volume, skin hydration and also tackles wrinkles and fine lines. This non-surgical treatment effectively aims to restore the appearance of your skin by replenishing lost volume by injecting a gel-like substance into specific areas.

These face fillers can produce exceptional results, whether to fill in the lips, cheeks, or define the jawline. Dermal filler injections are frequently used to shape the face, creating a more youthful appearance.


This patient had filler injections to the cheek and tear trough. The cheek elevation has been excellent and the tear trough filler has been effective. The skin also shows a hydration effect from the filler.

How do dermal filler injections work?

Dermal fillers are injections of a gel like substance that contain hyaluronic acid, which draws water into the injected area, increasing volume.

These results include:

  • Smoothing out facial lines around the nose and mouth, such as marionette lines, smile lines, nasolabial lines, etc.
  • Enhancing the appearance of sunken cheeks or temples.
  • Minimising the appearance of vertical lip lines.
  • Enhancing of the lips.
  • Defining the chin and jaw.
  • Improve the overall symmetry of the facial features.

Dermal Fillers at the Ezra Clinic: A safe and conservative approach


Our highly skilled specialists at the Ezra Clinic are highly experienced in filler treatments. We offer injectable dermal fillers that can smooth wrinkles, lines, and folds. Our treatments revitalise areas that have lost natural support, ensuring a harmonious balance of volume and refinement.

Daniel Ezra is a renowned surgeon noted for his expertise and success. His exceptional skills have made him a sought-after professional, and patients trust his abilities as he consistently performs effective treatments such as dermal fillers and filler reversal procedures. With Daniel Ezra, patients are assured of his compassionate treatment, setting a new standard in surgical practices. 

We also have an extensive understanding of the potential problems that fillers can cause, and we ensure that all treatments are carried out conservatively and appropriately for all patients. We do not treat patients looking for excessive treatments, which may give an unnatural appearance. In addition to this, we will counsel patients about the potential complications and problems of filler injections to try and ensure that the treatments are beneficial with as low a risk of complications as possible.

Which dermal filler should I choose?

At Ezra Clinic, we use several different fillers for different facial areas, each specialising for a particular anatomical area. A wide array of filler preparations is currently available on the market, and patients will be advised on which will provide the best aesthetic solution. It is not uncommon for patients to have different types of specialised fillers to different parts of the face.Our clinic only uses dissolvable hyaluronic acid preparations, if required, and has a demonstrated safety track record. Wherever possible, we use cannula-passed techniques to avoid bruising. However, in some instances, the need for greater accuracy of the injection means that other techniques may be used.

Dermal filler treatment areas


Lip filler treatments rejuvenate lips by restoring lost volume and defining natural contours, addressing concerns such as lip lines. This non-invasive treatment provides personalised solutions, such as hydration or visible volume enhancement. Careful placements preserve natural lip movement, ensuring a refreshed appearance and improved facial aesthetics.

All lip filler Treatments at the Ezra Clinic are delivered conservatively. We do not provide unnatural or exaggerated appearances to the lips.


Dermal fillers for cheek augmentation define the lateral cheekbones and reduce wrinkles. This type of treatment is ideal for facial contours or a structured face. In addition, cheek augmentation to the midface (front-facing part of the cheek) can be highly effective at restoring volume and improving the continuum between the eyelid and cheek. This is often provided in addition to Tear trough fillers.


Dermal fillers offer effective solutions for enhancing the lower face, such as the jawline and chin. Jawline augmentation improves definition, while chin fillers can be highly effective at improving the profile.


Tear trough filler treatments are popular for their ability to instantly brighten and refresh the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of fatigue. Please see the specialised page on tear trough fillers here.


The Temples are common sites for ageing. Wasting of the natural fat pads in this area causes hollowing. This, in turn, creates a concave contour to the sides of the upper face and skeletonises the outer bones of the eye socket, giving a gaunt and tired appearance.  Application of fillers to this area can be highly effective and has a big impact on periocular rejuvenation.

The image above represents the typical treatments we offer. This patient had a small amount of filler to gently volumes the upper lip, with more filler in the lower lip for a more harmonious and proportional appearance.

What happens during the procedure?


At the Ezra Clinic, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our approach begins with a thorough consultation, where our specialists discuss your skin concerns, the desired outcomes, and the treatment plan.

On the day of the dermal filler procedure, we may numb the treated area with a topical anaesthetic. Sometimes, we may not apply direct numbing cream as this can cause dermatitis with skin swelling, making the filler injections less accurate. The injection with hyaluronic acid gel also contains an anaesthetic. This hyaluronic acid gel replaces the diminished volume brought about through the ageing process and restores hydration. It also creates a more youthful and lifted appearance.

The treatment only takes around 15 minutes, though many patients also opt to undergo other treatments with their fillers. This can also be discussed in your consultation.

Are dermal fillers safe?

At the Ezra Clinic, dermal filler procedures are one of our specialities. We take pride in our clinic's reputation for safety and are committed to staying updated with the latest techniques to offer the best possible care.  We undertake a considerable amount of research on filler injections and employ evidence-based techniques to minimise risk.If you still need to decide whether dermal fillers suit you and want to discuss factors such as allergic and adverse reactions, our clinic undergoes a comprehensive consultation process. We can discuss any worries you might have when you meet with one of our specialists during your consultation.

After Dermal Fillers

Recovery is usually quick, and treatment results are noticeable almost immediately. Regular activities can be resumed immediately, with many patients returning to work the same day. However, there is a slight risk of bruising. Swelling and irregularities are universal within the first few days following the treatment.

Patients can minimise swelling by gently applying a cold compress to the area every few hours to reduce swelling. They should resist touching the area for at least six hours following the filler treatment. After this time, they can gently wash the area with water and soap, dabbing rather than rubbing it.

Other things to avoid:

  • Using make-up or other skincare products for at least the first four hours following the treatment
  • Exercise and alcohol for 24 hours
  • For two weeks, extreme heat (e.g., saunas, sun beds, tanning) or coldness

How Long do dermal fillers last?

Results begin to show immediately after the treatment and can last between 12-24 months. But this depends on the type of filler used, how much is used and the patient. The duration of filler can also be impacted by metabolic rate, smoking and sun exposure; this varies from person to person. In addition, our research shows that in some patients, fillers can last for much longer and so much thought needs to go into whether top-up injections are required.


Do dermal fillers hurt?

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment that requires no cuts, incisions or stitches. We sometimes use a numbing agent on the treated area with a topical anaesthetic that soothes the treated area, ensuring the discomfort is minimal. In addition, the filler preparation we use always contain an anaesthetic to provide further comfort. We also use cannula techniques wherever possible, which can also significantly minimise discomfort.

Can dermal fillers lift jowls?

Dermal fillers can be used to add structure and definition to the jowls; however, they do not lift. The filler can subtly improve the, contour and tone the cheeks, helping to define your features.


The patient above had filler injections to the cheek and tear trough.

The patient had fillers in the hollowed area around the temples, restoring the youthful and volumised look to the temples.

Fillers effectively soften nasolabial folds and deep cheek grooves, providing a natural enhancement to the facial appearance.

What is a dermal filler pillow face?

Dermal filler treatments are carefully applied to enhance your unique features, offering a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. Unlike many others, we prioritise expertise and precision to avoid the pitfalls of excessive fillers.

Excessive hyaluronic acid fillers can lead to an unnatural, puffy, and distorted look, a risk we diligently avoid. Our highly skilled practitioners conduct thorough consultations, ensuring that dermal fillers are administered in the right places and quantities. Your safety and satisfaction are our unwavering focus.

At Ezra Clinic, our philosophy is to be conservative. You will receive bespoke dermal fillers that enhance your natural beauty and avoid the dreaded puffy look. We are dedicated to bringing out your natural features and best self with a subtle enhancement that lets your true beauty shine.

What happens after dermal fillers wear off?

The body will naturally absorb semi-permanent dermal fillers over time, and treatment will need to be repeated to achieve the same results. However, this is not the case in all patients, as the fillers can last much longer.

What if I don’t like the results?

During the consultation, a lot of time is spent discussing your expectations. Furthermore, our highly skilled team administers dermal fillers to ensure that there should not be any unforeseen consequences following the treatment. However, if you are dissatisfied with the results, your doctor or nurse may administer a solution that quickly dissolves the filler, causing no long-term harm or impact.