Specialist Ophthalmologist

Dr. Alia Issa is an esteemed ophthalmologist bringing a wealth of expertise and a passion for aesthetic oculoplastics to our renowned clinic in London.

Dr. Alia obtained her medical license from the prestigious University of Dresden, Germany. Her commitment to advancing eye care led to the completion of a PhD in Glaucoma Research from the Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden.

With a foundation built at Schlossparkklinik in Berlin, a Teaching Hospital of the Charite, Berlin, and Elblandklinikum Radebeul, a Teaching Hospital of the University Hospital of Dresden, Dr. Alia underwent comprehensive ophthalmology training.

In the past three years, she has served as an ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai. Specializing in the complete spectrum of ophthalmic diseases, she led the Dry Eye Department, contributing significantly to the advancement of eye care in the region.

Driven by a unique blend of medical expertise and a deep interest in the arts, Dr. Alia Issa brings a passion for aesthetic oculoplastic to our clinic. This distinctive approach ensures that each procedure is performed with precision and artistic vision, delivering optimal results for our patients.

Her dedication to the aesthetic aspects of oculoplastic surgery aligns seamlessly with our clinic's ethos, promising innovative and compassionate care that enhances both vision and confidence.