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Tatler top doctors – 2018

March 22, 2018

Firework Injuries Can Blind You

sparklers can cause blindness
Daily Mail
October 28, 2017

Treating Blepharospasm – Simple New Device Could Spare People From Painful Injections

Relief From blepharospasm
Daily Mail
January 21, 2017

People suffering from blepharospasm could be spared painful injections thanks to a simple device that clips onto your glasses.

Acid Attacks and Eye Injuries

Acid Corrosion
Hippocratic Post
November 15, 2017

As a specialist eye surgeon, I am seeing a growing number of patients who are the victims of acid attacks which can cause life-changing injuries such as facial disfigurement and sight damage.

Overseeing Cosmetic Surgery

Patient Before Facial Plastic Surgery
The Hippocratic Post
February 22, 2017

Daniel Ezra has been trained in oculoplastic surgery to repair and reconstruct the eye. Here he urges why it’s important to ensure that only qualified doctors with the right skill sets can carry out cosmetic surgery.

Can 3D Facial Imaging Help Manage A Disfiguring Cause of Sight Loss?

3D Facial Imaging To Manage Sight Loss
Fight For Sight
November 20, 2015

Mr Daniel Ezra and Mrs Anjana Haridas investigate whether 3D facial imaging can help improve the management of a distressing cause of sight loss (TED) ) and facial disfigurement.

Periocular Complications

Periocular Complications
Aesthetics Journal
November 16, 2016

Mr Daniel Ezra advises how to successfully avoid and manage complications associated with treatment around the eyes.

Learning Second Language Can Reduce Facial Tics

Learning Second Language Can Reduce Facial Tics
The Times
May 23, 2016

According to research, speaking in French can help to alleviate the uncontrolled spasms of those suffering from facial tics.

How I Cured My Crippling Twitch By Speaking French

Mrs Clarke Speaks French To Cure Blepharospasm
Sunday Express
May 21, 2017

Find out how a former Sales Executive has discovered that she can get relief from a chronic eye twitching condition when she speaks a foreign language.

The Controversial Eyelash Lengthening Product You Need To Know About

eyelash lengthening product
Net Doctor
February 10, 2017

Daniel Ezra looks into whether a new eyelash lengthening treatment, a product called PGA (prostaglandin analogue), is safe and if it really works.