What is a Laser Eyelash Lift?

Most peoples’ eyelashes grow straight forwards or with a downwards tilt, and need to be curled or have mascara applied to give the eyes a bright and youthful look. Many people spend hours and often thousands of pounds annually to achieve this, however a laser eyelash lift is an innovative procedure that lifts the eyelashes with no surgery involved - that literally addresses the root of the problem. It is longer lasting than extensions, tinting, or perming.

A CO2 laser is used to tighten the skin at the base of the eyelashes, making them appear naturally longer and lustrous, the eyes appear brighter, and delivering the desirable younger, fresh-faced look.

Why undergo a laser eyelash lift?

A CO2 laser eyelash lift can give the recipient a more youthful and wide-awake look by making the eye appear bigger and brighter. Lashes will look longer, lustrous, and curled without the need for extensions, tedious curling, or the application of mascara every day - and may save the recipient time and money in the long run. The process is a relatively quick and painless alternative to more invasive blepharoplasty options.

How is a laser eyelash lift carried out?

The procedure uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, the same type used widely in popular skin resurfacing treatments. The laser makes a series of small ablations, or areas of controlled damage, to the skin surface layer, at the base of the lashes, usually in 2 or 3 rows of 20-30 points. As the laser is gently moved across this area, the lashes will be seen to stand up as the skin at the base of the lashes shrinks, tightens, and contracts. The result is an instant lift and curl of the eyelashes that makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Who can undergo a laser eyelash lift?

As with any treatment, it’s very important to consult beforehand with a registered professional to discuss whether the skin around your lashes is suitable for a laser eyelash lift. Although most people can undergo the procedure, pigmented skin can absorb around 40% more laser energy that non-pigmented skin. This thermal energy can then spread and cause damage beyond the targeted areas of skin, so an experienced professional is less likely to approve the procedure for dark skin tones. Laser lash lifting works well when combined with upper blepharoplasty surgery (removing excess skin from the eyelid).

When will results be visible from a non-surgical lash lift?

Since the lashes will stand as the laser is moved across the skin, results will be immediately apparent after the procedure. To experience the maximum benefit of a laser eyelash lift, it is recommended that the recipient does not use mascara or any other make up around the eye area for the first 24-48 hours afterwards. They should be as gentle as possible with the lashes and avoid any rubbing.

It should also be noted that laser lash lifting provides a gentle lift of about 15 degrees upward tilt. If greater lifting is desired, a surgical lash lift may be required instead.

Is a laser eyelash lift painful?

A CO2 laser lash lift is widely reported to come with minimal pain, though an experienced professional will use a topical anaesthetic to further reduce any uncomfortable sensation the recipient may feel during the process.

Since the procedure involves the ablative alteration of skin tissue, some minor soreness and/or swelling for a few days afterwards should be expected.

Does a laser eyelash lift leave scars?

During the few days after the procedure, there may be some visible markings where the laser has been applied, although this should quickly fade and there is little to no risk of permanent scarring.

Are there any risks or complications associated with a laser eyelash lift?

When carried out by an experienced expert, risks and complications are very minimal, and since the CO2 laser used is very controlled and precise, the risk of long-term irritation or loss of eyelashes is virtually non-existent. Eye shields will also be used to avoid any damage to the eyes. An overwhelming majority of recipients of a CO2 laser lash lift report no negative side-effects beyond the initial healing process.

How long will the results last after a laser lash lift?

The results of well-executed laser lash lift by an experienced professional will last at least around a year, though many recipients have reported that the effects have lasted much longer than this.

Can other procedures be done at the same time as a laser eyelash lift?

During more invasive eyelid surgery procedures including blepharoplasty, the patient will already be under general anaesthetic sedation. This can be an ideal time to carry out a CO2 laser lash lift and having these procedures carried out concurrently can maximise the improvement that the recipient benefits from.