Michelle Khan

MbChB MRes FRCOphth

Dr. Michelle Khan is a Canadian ophthalmologist who received her surgical training at the University of Toronto. She further completed fellowship training in Oculoplastics and Adnexal Surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, England. Dr. Khan received her Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Doctor of Medicine degrees from Queen’s University.

Over the course of her career she has received several awards and accolades, including the prestigious Loran Scholarship during her undergraduate studies. She received the award of excellence in ophthalmology upon graduation from Queen’s School of Medicine. She has also received various awards for her surgical skills and her contributions to research. In recognition of her service to the medical profession, she was recently appointed Senior Fellow at Massey College, the distinguished post-graduate academic community at the University of Toronto.

Michelle has many years of oculoplastic and cosmetic surgery experience in Toronto, Canada and also from her time at Moorfields Eye Hospital in the UK. An artist by nature, she is very interested in the aesthetic component of her oculoplastic practice, and specializes in lid surgeries, specifically blepharoplasties, ptosis repairs, and lower lid repositioning. She also performs adjunct procedures such as botox injections and intra-dermal fillers.

Dr. Khan is passionate about humanitarian work and has been extensively involved in global medical outreach, having performed several medical missions to conflict-stricken parts of the world. As the Chair of the St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group in Canada, she is heavily involved in international surgical and medical teaching. She is also an accomplished public speaker and has delivered numerous lectures and presentations at national and international conferences.