3D facial scanning

3d Vectra facial imaging can help to plan surgery

It is often very difficult for patients to articulate the aesthetic issues which cause them most concern. This difficulty is also exacerbated by the difficulty in getting an objective view of the underlying anatomical changes that make the face appear to age and look tired. These anatomical features are often centred around the eyes, cheeks, midface, temples and brows, giving rise to a combination of hollowness, bulges and descent of tissue.

Mr. Ezra often uses 3D facial analysis to describe in detail to patients how the underlying morphological features of the face come together to manifest the features which patient would like to have improved. This detailed analysis allows for a more informed discussion of the range of different treatment options that will be available to the patient. In addition, it is also possible simulate to the patient how the results of aesthetic surgery might look. The 3D system uses the very latest cutting edge technology imaging to form a high resolution 3d Model of the face.