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Can surgical procedures improve the appearance of my hooded eyes?

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February 13, 2023
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In a word, yes! There are several effective procedures that can improve the look of hooded eyes. The Ezra Clinic, led by world renowned oculoplastic surgeon Daniel Ezra is London’s premier destination for procedures to improve the look of hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes are a common concern among people seeking cosmetic improvements to their appearance. They can make many feel older, tired looking, or just not themselves. The practice of performing effective surgeries on hooded eyes has been around for several decades and it keeps improving with consultants at The Ezra Clinic contributing to the field with extensive studies and academic research.

Before discussing the possible procedures, it is important to understand the different causes of hooded eyes. Knowing the cause of your hooded eyes can help you determine which procedure would be most suitable for you to undergo.


What are the causes of hooded eyes?


Put simply, hooded eyes describe an overhanging of the upper eyelid skin. This can vary in severity from being mild, to being severe enough to affect the vision. When the skin begins to rest on the eyelashes, this can cause a sensation of heaviness which leads to the forehead overacting and compensating to clear the skin from the eyes, which in turn creates deep forehead lines. Hooded overhanging skin can also make it very difficult to apply makeup which is either hidden by the skin or smudged. Hooded eyes appear more closed and are sometimes described as giving a sleepy or sad appearance. It occurs equally in both women and men and can be caused by a variety of factors.

The most common cause of hooded eyes is excess skin on the upper eyelid. As you age, the skin loses its elasticity, and the muscles around the eyes weaken, causing the skin to sag. In some cases, the excess skin can droop over the eyelashes, creating a hooded appearance.

The same process happens with the eyebrows. As you age the skin on your forehead begins to sag and drop down, creating droopy brows. The look of hooded eyes is even more pronounced when both excess eyelid skin and droopy brows are combined. Often, the overhanging skin is caused by a combination of excess skin in the upper eyelid and also brow droop which further compacts the eyelid tissues.

In some cases, ptosis can make the eyes appear sleepy. This is a completely different condition which describes the eyelids themselves being low and this often happens without excess skin being present. Ptosis will require a completely different type of surgery to resolve (ptosis correction surgery). Please see our page on ptosis surgery for more details.

It is also important to remember that 15% of people have naturally hooded eyes which is an important part of facial distinctiveness.


What are the best surgical procedures for hooded eyes?

Depending on the cause of your hooded eyes, the most effective procedure is usually an upper lid blepharoplasty. Depending on an individual case, sometimes the combination of both upper blepharoplasty and Brow lift is required to achieve the optimal result.


Upper lid blepharoplasty

Upper lid blepharoplasty involves removing excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid area that causes the eyes to have a ‘tired’ look. The procedure requires making an incision along the natural crease of the eyelid, removing excess skin and fat, and tightening the muscles and tissues in the area. The incision is then closed with sutures or adhesive.

Upper lid blepharoplasty is performed under local anaesthesia, and the recovery time is relatively short. After the performance of upper lid blepharoplasty, you may experience some swelling and bruising for a few days after the procedure, but these side effects usually subside within a week or two and are a normal reaction. Upper blepharoplasty is a very safe and effective procedure with rapid recovery and high impact, which is why it is one of the most popular procedures.

Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid does provide an opportunity to choose how much skin is removed, which can have an impact on the ‘type’ of eyelid. The surgeons in the Ezra Clinic will discuss this with you in detail prior to any surgery.


Brow lift

Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and tightens the skin on the forehead and brow area. There are several different techniques for performing brow lifts, including direct brow lift, endoscopic brow lift, temporal brow lift, and Internal Browpexy. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages and may suit different types of hooded eyes.

The Ezra Clinic specialises in all browlift techniques and through consultation will devise a bespoke plan, based on your needs.

During the procedure, the skin that is falling over the eyelids is lifted towards the eyebrow area, causing the eye to be relieved from unnecessary skin. Brow lifts are also done under local anaesthetic and the recovery time is similar to the upper lid blepharoplasty surgery.

What are the benefits of performing surgical procedures for hooded eyes?

Having a surgical treatment for hooded eyes will have a significant impact on your appearance but can also give your confidence a boost. We often hear patients say ‘I look like myself again’ with a huge smile on their faces. Patients report feeling and being told that they look younger, more awake, happier, and more vibrant.

Beyond this, undergoing such treatment gives you more benefits in terms of your vision. In many cases of hooded eyelids, your field of vision could be impaired to the point where you would not be able to perform everyday tasks. Therefore, the surgery is not only needed for cosmetic reasons, but also for the benefit of your health and life quality.

Are the surgical procedures for hooded eyes permanent?

As with any other surgical procedure, surgeries addressing hooded eyes can provide long-lasting results, but they are not necessarily permanent. While the results of these procedures can be quite dramatic and last for many years, they are not immune to the effects of ageing and the natural changes that occur in the body over time.

Besides surgical procedures, there are also non-surgical options available for improving the appearance of hooded eyes, such as dermal fillers and Botox injections. Dermal fillers are used to add volume to the upper eyelid area and reduce the appearance of hooding, while Botox injections are used to lift the eyebrows and open up the eyes. These non-surgical options are less invasive than surgical procedures and can provide temporary improvements to the appearance of hooded eyes.

The importance of preserving naturally hooded lids

If you are considering undergoing hooded eye treatment, keep in mind that every person is unique due to their genetics and facial anatomy. About 15% of people have naturally hooded eyelids, and removing upper eyelid tissue could change your look quite dramatically.

While performing this type of procedure, The Ezra Clinic aims to preserve as much tissue as possible to maintain a natural look by creating subtle improvements that enhance your overall appearance. This focus on a natural appearance, often looking like a younger version of yourself is why we emphasize the importance of your photographs in our consultations.

We understand that every patient is unique, and we take the time to listen to your concerns and goals. If you are considering a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of your hooded eyes, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options.